NanGuang appeared in fine performance in CCBN Exhibition

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China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition is an great event of worldwide broadcast and TV technology industry, organised by SAPPRFT, undertaken byInstitute of General Administration of radio and science , China Broadcast And Television Network  co.LTD, China cable TV network co.LTD and National Pressand Publication ,Broadcast and TV Bureau. It has a wider influence, as CCBN were the largest communication platform for releasing policy and holding industry conference by broadcast and TV industry.On the 24th,March ,the 24th CCBN2016 in China international exhibition center in Beijing, from all circles of the radio and television peer organizations. A joyous event, Nanguang also join in the development of  LED series of radio, film andtelevision and the recent launch of new products exhibition, Nanguang performed well during the exhibition, exhibitionsite jollification, attracting visitors to consult and bring visitors new experience and wonderful memories.MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSMetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSMetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

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NanGuang Booth is divided by virtual studio lighting area, lighting kit area, product show case area, and on camera LED light area, this time NanGuang brought a series of Highefficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent studio LED lighting, themost outstanding is the cooperation use of fresnel LED light and panel LED light as portable TV interview lighting kit, These lighting kit could reach 30k/Hz,NO FAN, NO NOISE Fresnel LED light could coolaborate with softbox to as a soft light, fulfill multiusage in one light, suitable for one to four persons’ outdoor interview; Moreover, NanGuang also show the ultra HD lighting solution which is suitable for 200 sqm below, and ultra HD VCR outdoor interview lighting kit, it features high efficiency, free flicking, high CRI, high reductibility, high brightness and stable function, could meet the high standard requirement of studio, TV interview and so on.]MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

By CCBN exhibition activities, Nanguang displayed  their latest research results, in general,  Beijing took part in CCBN getting a lot of experience , in the future, nanguang will discern the new trend of industry development and the new requirements of the user of , adhere to independent innovation, adhere to the "spirit" to build high quality LED lighting products, work and develop together with customers , to providing  the  lighting solution which customers need most for the industry!

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